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Thank you, Speakers Bureau volunteers!

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December 20, 2018

We’re grateful for your willingness to help individuals in civic groups and organizations better understand their basic legal rights and responsibilities and the role of lawyers in American society.

  • Please complete this form after your events. Your feedback lets us know how satisfied you were with your presentations.
  • Please share our sign-up link with attorneys who are interested in joining the Speakers Bureau. Additionally, please tell your local civic and social clubs that might want a presentation about the Speakers Bureau. Here is our request form.
  • If you want to speak at any future open events, please send your response only to [email protected]  or [email protected].
  • Thank you for taking photos at your events. Please keep taking them and they’ll be included in upcoming Speaking Out blogs!

The following photos capture attorney Darrin E. Johnson’s Speakers Bureau event announcement flyer, as well as his recent presentation that took place at the Clearwater Public Library on the topic of Intellectual Property.

SO - event photo 1     SO lecture - Dec. '18