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Thank you, Speakers Bureau volunteers!

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November 20, 2018

We’re grateful for your willingness to help individuals in civic groups and organizations better understand their basic legal rights and responsibilities and the important role of lawyers in American society.

  • We would like to continue receiving feedback from you about your events. Please notify us on how things are going. What can we do to change or improve the Speakers Bureau program? Also, please take the time to complete this form after you conclude your speaking events. Your feedback will help us to know how satisfied you were with your presentations.
  • If you have colleagues or friends who are Florida attorneys and interested in becoming a member of the Speakers Bureau, please share our sign-up link.
  • Additionally, please spread the news about our Speakers Bureau program to your local civic and social clubs that might want to have a presentation and spark a discussion on any of numerous legal topics, based on our diverse membership. Here is our request form.
  • If you have interest in speaking at any future open speaking events, please respond to the email requests only at [email protected]  or [email protected] , in order to be considered.
  • Also, please keep taking photos to commemorate your events. Forward them to us, and the photos will be included in upcoming Speaking Out blogs!

Here are a few photos from a recent Speakers Bureau event in Riverview, FL presented by attorneys Lisa Ann Allen and Caroline Elizabeth Johnson Levine. The photos capture Caroline Elizabeth Johnson (in the orange suit) and Lisa Allen (in the orange dress) speaking to members of the Western Michigan University – Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Christian Legal Society on First Amendment Issues.

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