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September Speaking Tips

August 27, 2020

Ted Talks – Watch and Learn

As Florida Bar attorneys, you often get information and educational material from the same sources: legal websites, magazines and professional organizations. There’s a fantastic, easily accessible and completely free source of unique insights that can help you break free from the bubble: TED Talks. Not only will you learn about the law, but you’ll also see firsthand what it takes to give a powerful presentation.

TED Talks (they range from three to 18 minutes in length) ­– delivered by notable academics, politicians and business leaders at TED conferences across the world – are a great source of unique, out-of-the-box insights.

Speaking Skills Every Lawyer Should Master

For every lawyer that thinks he or she has oral presentations down pat, there’s another that has anxiety about talking in front of a crowd. And they both need help. In Public-Speaking Skills Every Lawyer Should Master, part of the ABA Journals’ Modern Law Library podcast series, accomplished speaker and speaking coach Faith Pincus talks about how to ditch the notecards, engage the audience and ask the right type of rhetorical questions.

Plan, Execute, Follow Through

If public speaking is part of your legal business development plan and you’re not getting the results you’d hope for, you may be missing a step. If you want to be a better public speaker and grow your business, it requires planning, execution and follow through. What about practice? Of course practice, but without follow through – reading the feedback surveys, making using of any business cards you’ve collected – you won’t see results. Steve Fretzin, a professional coach for lawyers, breaks it down in Tips for Lawyers to Improve Their Public Speaking.

On Feeling Nervous

“Know that when you feel nervous, it is a physiological reaction. The trick is to NOT reign it in—that’s when people get the shaky knees or trembling voice. Instead, release the adrenaline and use it to help you with the strength of your voice, the speed of your speech or even movement around the room.”

This tip, from litigation consultant Karen Lisko, is just one of many offered by public speaking experts in the article Fear of Speaking? How to Banish Fear and Give an Applause-Worthy Speech.

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash