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September Speaking Tips

September 20, 2021

Support your presentation with visual ads or props

Visual aids and props are an effective way of supporting and supplementing any speech or presentation. They should be colorful and unique, but not so dazzling that they detract from the speaker’s presence. Never use visual aids to avoid eye contact or interaction with an audience, such as reading directly from slides. Check out this Toastmasters list of common visual aids and props and tips for using them effectively.

How to speak to diverse audiences

Also from Toastmasters: Giving a speech or presentation to an audience of people who speak various languages or have differing cultural backgrounds requires special tact on the part of the speaker. Here are some tips and techniques on how to effectively engage a diverse audience.

5 Ways To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Many positions across all experience levels and industries involve some level of public speaking. Practicing and improving your public speaking skills can help you make advancements in your career and potentially identify a new strength for your resume. Read this LinkedIn article to learn what makes a great public speaker.