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October Speaking Tips

September 30, 2020

A Conversation Between Two Terrific, Notable Public Speakers

The late civil rights leader and longtime U.S. Rep. John Lewis spent his life fighting for freedom and justice. In conversation with lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson, Lewis discusses the importance of voting, shares words of wisdom for the young people organizing in the struggle for racial justice and tells moving stories from his decades of making “good trouble.” See the TED Talk interview.

Your Fears, Deliver Your Message, and Change Lives

“Say something to make them put down their salad fork,” says public speaking coach Deb Sofield. The window of opportunity to engage an audience is small, and your introduction is a key factor in success. In this throwback episode of The Paralegal Voice podcast, paralegal mentor Vicki Voisin hosts a lively discussion with Sofield covering public speaking.

Butterflies are free adrenaline boosts

Many people dread public speaking. They would rather be in the casket at a funeral than be delivering the eulogy. Lawyers can’t take the easy way out. It’s your job to talk. So, here are some tips for your next speech from William Vogeler Esq. with

Tips for lawyers on how to give an impactful public speech

Gerard Gregoire, vice president of litigation services for the West region at Allstate, explains why it’s important to be authentic and connect with your audience. Hear the ABA Journal Asked & Answered podcast.

5 TED Talks Every Public Speaker Should Watch

Great public speakers motivate their audience and inspire them to take action. Here are five powerful TED Talks that touch on everything from the impact of body language, to telling stories, to using your vocal toolbox.