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November is coming: election resources are available!

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October 18, 2018

A poll of Florida Bar members regarding the merit retention election of one state Supreme Court justice and 17 appellate court judges indicates support for all to be retained. Results showed recommendations for retention ranging from 92 percent to 66 percent approval. The confidential poll seeks to find whether attorneys who know the most about these jurists believe they should continue in their jobs. The retention election is on the ballot in the Nov. 6 general election.

“It is a vital that we attract and retain appellate court judges and justices with the highest qualifications to ensure that our courts have the confidence and respect of all Floridians,” Florida Bar President Michelle Suskauer said. “The Bar has polled members since 1978, and we are pleased once again to offer this valuable resource for voters.”


On “The Vote’s in Your Court” ( web page, the Bar offers results of this poll and past polls, its “Guide for Florida Voters,” bios of the jurists facing a merit retention vote, and links to more information.

“The poll’s positive results demonstrate again how well Florida’s system for selecting and retaining judges works,” Suskauer said. “Members of The Florida Bar can be proud of the role they play in preserving our system of justice.”

In addition to the merit retention poll results, The Florida Bar has additional resources for educating voters on “The Vote’s in Your Court” web page, including:


  •      The “Guide for Florida Voters” in English and Spanish. To request copies of the guide, please email [email protected].
  •      Bios of all the appellate judges on the ballot this year.
  •      Judicial Candidate Self-Disclosure Statements, which allow trial court judges to put their qualifications and statements about why they want to serve as judges on The Florida Bar website.