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June 2021 Speaking Tips

June 8, 2021

How to Show More Personality on Zoom

From Speak Up for Success with Jezra Kaye:

“… we’ve been living in Zoom-land for almost a year. The good news is that we’ve mostly gotten used to communicating with people in boxes (or “Hollywood Squares,” as in the old game show).

The bad news is that lots of people are even more reluctant to “let the dogs out” (show more personality) on Zoom than they were at business meetings IRL.”

How to Create the Perfect Presentation Handout

From Fearless Presentations:

“Have you thought about what handouts you’ll be providing to your audience? If you haven’t, then you haven’t covered all the must-haves of a great presentation. Good speakers and lecturers usually give handouts to accompany their speeches. As a result, a great handout can make your presentation more memorable.”

Webinar Presentation Pointers for Legal Professionals

From Legal Talk Network:

During their many years of public speaking, one of the biggest challenges podcasters and attorneys Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell have encountered is the webinar format. There are a lot of moving parts and some unique challenges. In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, they discuss how webinars differ from in-person presentations.

Other Speaking Tips

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash