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Florida Supreme Court launches first smartphone-friendly website

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January 23, 2019

Twenty-four years after posting its first website, the Florida Supreme Court December 27 unveiled its first smartphone-friendly website. The new design gives the state’s highest court room for growth and for phone app development as 21st century communications technology continues to evolve.

The new website is at: . In developing the new site, customer service was the highest priority of the development team.


“We were one of the first courts in the world to use the web starting in 1994,” said Chief Justice Charles Canady. “Our new site continues a long heritage of transparency and openness in government that dates back to the 1970s when we became the first court system in the nation to open all of our proceedings to TV news cameras.”


The new website also is the first created for the high court since it adopted a landmark Court Communications Plan in late 2015. The plan urges state courts to make better use of technology to communicate with the public, including better websites, social media, podcasting, and phone app development. The new website, for example, integrates the court’s social media channels and its archived argument broadcasts into the overall design of its pages and the case information.


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