The Florida Bar

What role do courts have in amending the Constitution?

April 4, 2018

“Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education” offers attorneys activities they can use when they are invited to speak to adult civic and community groups.

This month’s focus is on: “Amending Florida’s Constitution: The Role of the Courts”

In this activity, participants learn about the five methods of amending Florida’s Constitution and the role that Florida state courts have in reviewing proposed amendments.

Participants are asked to take on the role of judges and examine past amendment proposals to determine if they meet the legal requirements to go on the ballot. Next, participants are asked to consider the proposals as voters and decide whether they would vote to add the amendments to the Florida Constitution.

Increasing public awareness of how the government and courts work is a critical mission for The Florida Bar. An informed public is the best defense of the rule of law and a fair and impartial judiciary. Attorneys can receive CLE credit for making Benchmarks presentations.