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August Speaking Tips

August 13, 2021

Storytelling is a powerful tool — here’s how to use it

Many of the best TED Talks are built around stories, with speakers’ personal anecdotes helping them bring their ideas to life. TED head curator Chris Anderson offers storytelling dos and don’ts.

Take presentation slides to the next level

Want to prevent yawns and glazed-over eyes? Before you deliver your next speech, pitch or address, learn how to create exceptional slides by following six specific tips from presentation expert Paul Jurczynski.

Boost your credibility and grow your practice though public speaking

Public speaking is a surefire way for you to demonstrate your credibility and authority. It can hold you up as an expert and help you land third-party endorsements, which leads to business development opportunities. With meetings starting to open back up, now’s the time to practice your public speaking skills and come up with a game plan.